Bodyguard Anti Mosquito Repellent Bands (4 Bands)

“Are you scared of Mosquitoes and diseases like Dengue, Chikungunya etc but use DEET based sprays/creams on your or your baby’s skin?


Please stop today! 


Most mosquito sprays/Coils/Creams contain harmful chemicals including DEET which is not good for the skin! Presenting ‘BodyGuard’ – Premium Natural Mosquito repellents! We use Natural Herbal Ingredients such as Citronella Oil & Eucalyptus Oil etc to repel the mosquitoes – and it’s safe for you as well!


Like all vigilantes, we don’t believe in killing! Mother Nature has many blessings which can be used to solve multiple problems including mosquito menace.  Now use BodyGuard Patches on clothes, or Spray the Bodyguard Mosquito Repellent spray on your skin (its safe for babies too!) our use our cool BodyGuard Bands & say bye bye to Mosquitoes– the natural way! “


BodyGuard – Natural Mosquito Repellent Range – For Safe & Natural Protection from Mosquitoes.


Disclaimer: In case of irritation: discontinue use and see a doctor

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